When you think about the "thrills of growing up" in your life most of us would list the first time we ever drove a car, the first time we ever shot a gun, and the first time we ever caught a fish as some of our more exhilarating moments growing up. Now, if you've never driven a car or shot a gun we can't help you, but if it's catching a fish that's not been checked off on your bucket list, there could be a very rewarding solution for that.

As part of a statewide initiative called Get Out and Fish! yes, with the exclamation point, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is going to be stocking seventeen community ponds around the state with adult-sized channel catfish. This stocking is expected to be completed in time for Halloween weekend, which isn't this coming weekend but the following weekend.

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The purpose of Get Out and Fish! is multi-faceted. The program hopes to encourage more of our state's residents to take part in a very popular pastime in the state. LDWF Officials also hope this will mean more families getting out together for the experience as well. The state is also hopeful that this will encourage more residents to acquire their fishing licenses too.

By the way, you will need a fishing license if you're going to participate. The good news is that fishing licenses in Louisiana are easily attainable and can actually be purchased online or on your smartphone on your way to the pond. 

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As we mentioned State Wildlife Officials will be stocking some seventeen community ponds around the area. Among the bodies of water that are scheduled to be stocked for the program is the lake at Girard Park in Lafayette, the lake at Southside Regional Park in Youngsville, the lake at the Louisiana Oil and Gas Park along I-10 in Jennings, and the lake at Purple Heart Memorial Park near Ragley.

There are thirteen other locations across the state that will be stocked with the catfish as well. You can see a complete map and get directions to those different lakes via the Louisiana Department of Wildlife website.  Oh and don't forget your bug spray and in case you do. Maybe these tips will help.

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