The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is doing everything it can to get you out to enjoy our Sportsman's Paradise.

The department is responsible for making sure that people in Louisiana are able to hunt, fish, trap, and enjoy our outdoors safely and, hopefully, fruitfully.

The mission statement from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries says it all:

To manage, conserve, and promote wise utilization of Louisiana’s renewable fish and wildlife resources and their supporting habitats through replenishment, protection, enhancement, research, development, and education for the social and economic benefit of current and future generations; to provide opportunities for knowledge of and use and enjoyment of these resources; and to promote a safe and healthy environment for the users of the resources.

To go with the "education" part of its mission statement, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is hosting a few workshops.

Two of the workshops, the fishing workshops, are geared specifically toward women.

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Before you get your waders in a wad, know that the department does not think that women need a workshop, because we all know that a lot of women in Louisiana were born with a pole in their hands.

What the department is doing is offering these fishing workshops to women who want to learn more about fishing.

The department offers the workshops for women of all fishing experience levels, whether you are an old hand at it or if you have never been fishing.

In the workshops, participants will learn about rigging, baits, fishing gear and other basic fishing tenants.

After the workshop, participants will get to fish with the staff hosting the event for an hour or so, to put their newly found wisdom to the test.

The course series continues with an expanding list of Beginner courses such as Beginner Catfishing, Beginner Rainbow Trout Fishing (at select sites in Louisiana), and Beginner Bass Fishing. Future courses also being considered include species-specific Intermediate and Advanced lessons. - Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

The other workshop being offered is a trapping workshop.

This workshop will be held on January 14th in Houma.

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The Furbearer Trapper Workshop will consist of a classroom portion to cover Louisiana laws and regulations related to trapping and review various trapping tools.

Trapping demo rotations will be held outdoors and will cover foothold sets for coyote, fox, bobcat, various sets for raccoons, and water sets for beaver, otter, nutria and so forth. There will be a hands-on portion to practice setting traps safely. - LDWF

The final portion of the workshop will be a skinning demonstration.

There is no cost to attend, but registration is required. Visit the LDWF website to get registered.

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