There are many amazing Cajun restaurants in South Louisiana, but there is one that is apparently so good there is a year-long waiting list to get a table.

Alzina's Restaurant
YouTube Via Great Big Story

Alzina's Kitchen In Galliano, Louisiana

What is this magical place of solid gold Cajun cuisine?

It's a place called Alzina's in Galliano, Louisiana.

Alzina Toups is the only employee at Alzina's. There is no wait staff and no menu.

Just looking at the food Mrs. Toups is cooking in this video will get your stomach growling.

From Great Big Story via YouTube -

"Alzina Toups makes some of the best food you’ll ever eat. But while her Jambalaya, fried shrimp and other garlic-laden Cajun staples are sure to bless your tongue and break your heart, they aren’t so easy to come by. Alzina doesn’t take walk-ins, and reservations—which book up a year in advance—can only be made by reaching her by landline."

I'm ready to get on the waiting list!


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