Many across social media are mourning the loss of a 6-year-old viral sensation, who for years now has made millions smile. Antwain Lee Fowler was most-known for the "where we 'bout to eat at" video, but his legacy of resilience amidst a rare disease will inspire many for a long time to come.

Antwain Lee Fowler was so much more than a viral sensation. He was a young boy who inspired many through his liveliness and glow that shined clearly every time his presence graced social media.

Twitter via @rapalert4
Twitter via @rapalert4

A thread from @talkwithaa on Twitter explaining Antwain Lee Fowler's trying journey through his young life.

With countless hospital visits due to his rare auto-immune disease and over 25 surgeries, Antwain had certainly dealt with more adversity in his young life than many would in a full lifetime. No matter his circumstances, Antwain always seemed to say or do something that would make his family as well as millions across social media smile.

Even during his final days, Antwain was an absolute delight in this world.

Many online are remembering the charisma and charm of Antwain, which always seemed to translate beautifully through social media.

One post remembering the young boy from @mahani0 on Twitter here.

See a post from @rapalert4 remembering Antwain and the video that made him famous across social media below.

More moments of Antwain, who truly seemed to always be enjoying life to the fullest, below.

Young Antwain battled his disease for years. Whether he truly grasped it or not, his own joy and personality brought happiness to people across the world. What a special person who will truly be missed by many.

May Antwain Lee Fowler rest in peace.

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