Acceptance of cannabis as a legitimate medical ally has been a part of Louisiana culture for a couple of years now. Patients who are prescribed medical marijuana by their doctors can obtain the drug only in certain forms. Thanks to legislation that was passed Wednesday the Louisiana Legislature has expanded those medical marijuana options to now include raw or smokable forms of cannabis.

Current Louisiana law allows for medical marijuana to be dispensed as capsules, extracts, gummies, metered-dose inhalers, oils, pills, sprays, suppositories, tinctures, topical oils, or lotions, and transdermal patches. Many believe that smokable or "flower" forms of cannabis are actually more cost-effective for the patients who have been prescribed the drug.

Elsa Olofsson via
Elsa Olofsson via

The legislation which passed the House of Representatives on Wednesday will now head to Governor John Bel Edwards's desk for his signature. Governor Edwards has indicated that he plans to sign the legislation. Patients with prescriptions for medical marijuana can expect the smokable form of the drug to be made available to dispensaries by January.

Medical cannabis has been approved in Louisiana to treat a wide variety of symptoms. Among those symptoms are Autism spectrum disorders, cancer, epilepsy, Chron's disease, HIV/Aids, Glaucoma, Severe muscle spasms, seizure disorders, and intractable pain that might otherwise require opiate pain relievers.

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As of April of last year, the Louisiana Department of Agriculture estimated that some 4,350 residents of the state had requested treatment via medical cannabis. The speculation is that with the raw smokable form of cannabis being added to the approved list that the number of medical marijuana patients will increase.

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