New York Times: Smartphone use for many apps is down, and laptop/desktop use is up. Check out this graph from

It only stands to reason, as pointed out in the article: a smartphone screen is relatively tiny when compared to a laptop/desktop screen. Combine that with the fact that many of us are in our homes because of the pandemic (with easy access to our home computer), the computer will win most times.

The story points out that usage on apps on the phone like Youtube and Facebook is down, while usage of those same sites on computers is up. Also, it appears that people are wanting to see each other electronically since we can't visit in person. We are also wanting to connect with our neighbors more through apps like Nextdoor.

I know that I have used the Nextdoor app more in the past three weeks than in the past year. Many of us are cleaning up around the house since we are kind of stuck in them, so they are reaching out to neighbors for ideas or with items to be given away. I posted FREE ROSEMARY on Nextdoor over the weekend after I trimmed back the bush in my yard and several people responded.

Shannon's family has been using the Houseparty app which, since the pandemic, has enjoyed a 79% increase in usage. Shannon's mom is in the "High Risk" category for the coronavirus so, to keep her from getting too lonesome for her kids and grands, they frequently have a Houseparty call with several people on the line.

Have your habits changed since the coronavirus pandemic?


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