Ladies and gentlemen, I have discovered a Skittles Vodka tutorial and if this is not proof there is a God I don't know what is.

If you listen to the KTDY morning show, you know how I love Vodka.  As a matter of fact, Lafayette's Absolute Favorite Martini campaign is coming up in which KTDY is a sponsor of and you will hear more about on the air in the coming weeks.  Vodka is just the greatest, I like mine with just a splash of orange juice however Skittles Vodka has me very excited.

Combining two things that I really really like, together, can only be amazing.  I was reading where most people pick out the different flavors of skittles to make different flavors of vodka which I'm sure is quite tasty, but I'm thinking just use 'um all!

The recipe is easy and even though I have not made the concoction yet, I'm sure it will be delicious.


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