Do you like Skittles? I absolutely love them so when I heard about this issue I was a little concerned.

A lawsuit has been filed that claims that Skittles contain a “known toxin” that makes them “unfit for human consumption.”

This lawsuit was filed against Mars, Inc, the parent company of the Skittles candy.

Jenile Thames who filed the lawsuit alleges that “the company uses a toxin called titanium dioxide in the candy. Thames is claiming that people who enjoy Skittles candy are at a heightened risk of a host of health effects for which they were unaware stemming from genotoxicity, which is the ability of a chemical substance to change DNA.”


I admit I had no idea what titanium dioxide was before this article. After doing some research I learned that titanium dioxide is a white, powdery mineral used in various everyday products, including sunscreen, cosmetics, plastics, toothpaste, and paint. I now understand why you wouldn't want this toxin in your food.

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In 2021, a European Food Safety Authority report declared that titanium dioxide "could no longer be considered safe" as a food additive. Even though the substance is technically banned from use, this ban won't take full effect until August, leaving some wiggle room for companies to still use the toxin.

The lawsuit also claims that Mars, Inc has known about this issue for some time and is still failing to alert consumers that titanium dioxide is still in the candy.

“Instead, Defendant relies on the ingredient list which is provided in minuscule print on the back of the Products," documents read. "The reading of which is made even more challenging by the lack of contrast in color between the font and packaging, as set out below in a manner in which consumers would normally view the product in the store."


The Guardian reached out to Mars, Inc for a statement however, a Mars spokesperson said that the company does not comment on any pending litigation



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