Just in time to celebrate glorious summer, Skittles has come out with some tasty new flavors to celebrate the season.

The Wrigley Company, which is the parent company to the candies, want to celebrate the season with some fresh new flavors for the warm weather months. If you're a fan, you know the original flavors come in orange, strawberry, grape, green apple and lemon. The company is set to release the 'soon to be your favorite' new flavors throughout the upcoming months,

The first variety is called Skittles Imposters, and it will only be sold at Wal Mart in 4 oz and 14 oz bags. Check out the details below from their official Twitter account., because this looks kinda cool, for those of us who like surprises.

The other two varieties will be Skittles Freeze Pop, which will only be available at Dollar General Stores, and will taste like cold pop treats blue raspberry, grape, lemon, orange and raspberry. These will only be offered in 2 oz packages.

Skittles Sour Wild Berry will also only be found at Dollar General, but you can get them in 12 oz sizes. These sound really good, and will come in sour raspberry, sour wild cherry, sour berry punch, sour strawberry, and sour melon berry.

Who's ready to go get some right now?!


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