New images from the surface of Mars have emerged via

The website Tweeted the new photos yesterday, which feature both the Mars rover and the helicopter.

In one image, the Perseverance rover and Ingenuity drone are seen together, with the vast Mars landscape in the background.

According to the story on, the drone will be conducting flights for around one month, with the rover in its shadow the whole time. The first flight could take place by this coming Sunday. The mission of the drone, a rotorcraft, is to test the feasibility of future flight(s) on Mars, and to document each flight with on-board cameras, sending those images back to Nasa for study. After those flights, the rover will turn its attention to carrying out its own mission of looking for signs of life on Mars.

Scientists pretty much knew what to expect before Nasa's mission to Mars, but they are very eager to see what additional information the mission will uncover.

When I was younger, I imagined that Mars would be teeming with little green men. This mission hasn't found any. Yet.

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