Since Lay's potato chips announced that they had come out with a Lay's flavored vodka, I thought about which flavors we need to produce in Lafayette.

The Lay's vodka went on sale one morning, and it was sold out by that same afternoon, each bottle fetching $40 + tax & shipping/handling. No word yet on whether they will create another batch to sell but, if they do, they should try for the Wavy Lay's Ranch flavor, imo.

If we were to produce vodka in Lafayette, I would bet money that people would be scrambling to try it if you chose the right flavor profile. For example: a Logan Farms Honey Glazed Hams shrimp po-boy-flavored vodka? Probably not. A Logan Farms Honey Glazed Hams honey glaze-flavored vodka? Probably so!

Don't get me wrong, I love all of the po-boys at Logan Farms, but I don't know that I'd be too keen on a sandwich-flavored vodka.

A Corner Bar chili-dog-flavored vodka? I love Corner Bar's chili-dogs (I had one last night!), but that doesn't sound right for vodka. Corner Bar's snack mix-flavored vodka? GAME ON!

Do you see where I am going with this? Let's dive a little deeper into this Lafayette vodka rabbit hole and see where my imagination takes me.

I understand that you can't just "flavor" vodka with anything, and the "real" infused vodka uses the actual fruit or other natural flavorings to get the taste in there. The coffee-infused vodkas are flavored with real coffee beans, soaked in the vodka to extract the flavor. Orange, grapefruit, lime and other citrus vodkas are flavored in the same manner, using real fruit, allowing it to soak in the vodka during the process.

I took a mental tour of Lafayette to find the flavors I'd consider trying in my vodka.

I have no idea how we'd infuse these flavors, but here are a few that I think would be a hit in Lafayette.


Lafayette Vodka Flavors We Need

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