It's no secret that a lot of women's fashion has unhealthy effects. Some hair color products & other cosmetics contain potentially harmful chemicals. Other items, like oversize handbags, and fashionable shoes contribute to back, shoulder, & joint pain. Add "skinny jeans" to the list. A report from The Independent UK says the British Chiropractic Association reports nearly 3/4 of women suffer from back pain. Skinny jeans restrict movement, causing women to alter the way they walk. This stresses various muscles that are compensating, particularly those in the calves and lower back.  Add a pair of high heels, a heavy shoulder bag, and the results can be sheer misery. Being a guy, I'll confess I think high heels are sexy. Glad I don't wear 'em! Your jeans don't need to be painted on. On the other hand, I guess my statement's a moot point. You don't dress for us, anyway. You dress up for each other.

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