Imagine delicious Chick-fil-A being delivered to your door with a few taps of a button.

Your dreams will soon become a reality as the Chick-fil-A on Louisiana Ave. popped up on the WAITR app today with the words "Coming Soon" across the graphic.

Now, haters may be thinking one of two things:

  1. What's so special about Chick-fil-A being on WAITR?
  2. Why am I going to pay the $5 service charge to have Chick-fil-A when I can just drive to the restaurant and get it myself?

Well—for starters, the ability to have our favorite foods delivered to our homes and offices is pretty clutch. This is also special for those who don't have transportation, but sometimes just need Chick-fil-A in their lives.

Also, the service charge may not be the smartest move if all you plan on ordering is a sandwich or some nuggets—but many of us use WAITR for group orders.

And let's be real—the $5 delivery charge is nothing for those who don't want to put on pants or wait in the beaucoup-long drive-thru line. (Have you seen Ambassador Caffery during lunch time?)

WAITR has made headlines recently after getting a solid investment from New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. The future Hall of Famer told Tech Crunch,

The first thing that grabbed my attention about Waitr was the impact it had on one of our companies, Walk-Ons Bistreaux and Bar. It was increasing our sales at each location by 10 percent or more. As I began to learn more about the company, there was no doubt in my mind it would be a leader in food delivery.

For those who aren't familiar, WAITR is an app that allows you to browse local restaurants of all types in your area and place orders for carry out or delivery. The entire transaction, from the order to the payment, is all done through your smartphone.

Chick-fil-A isn't the only fast food option on WAITR either.

McDonald's and Sonic are also among the spots where you can get quick bites via the app—but as tempting as those Sonic desserts sound, I don't know if I would chance it through WAITR in our South Louisiana temps.

And while Chick-fil-A may be on WAITR, they're still closed on Sundays—so there's that.

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