Are animals left-handed or right-handed like humans? Can they be ambidextrous? And can animals as large as blue whales have a left or right preference?

The answer is yes. Animals prefer a particular side just as humans do. And just like humans, most animals are right-handed or right-footedness.

According to, the left side of an animal's brain controls the right side of its body and the right side of its brain controls the left side of its body.

Researchers have previously noted 'right-side bias' in animals, which has been explained by the connection between the brain’s left hemisphere and the right eye—the left hemisphere is involved in motor skills and coordination, both of which are necessary in feeding movements.

Even animals as large as the blue whale show left-side and right-side preferences. Just as with humans, scientists believe most blue whales prefer their right sides. However, studies found a small number of blue whales preferred their left sides and even some that appeared to be ambidextrous.

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