The Shreveport City Council voted 6-1 to end a 2007 law that banned people from wearing pants below their waist.

There was much speculation that the law targeted minorities when it went onto the books 12 years ago. Since the 'saggy pants' law went into effect, police data and statistics show that the ordinance resulted in the arrest of 699 black men and 12 white men.

According to KATC, the ordinance stated that searches and arrests couldn't "solely be based on violating the ordinance." A discussion around abolishing the law heated up earlier this year.

The law has been questioned since 31-year-old Anthony Childs died in February after an officer tried to stop him for sagging pants. Police say Officer Traveion Brooks chased and shot Childs three times. A coroner’s report says Childs was ultimately killed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Local news station KEEL in the Shreveport area, Police Chief Ben Raymond "did not take a public stance on the saggy pants ordinance," saying he would simply "enforce the laws that are on the books."

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