The District Attorney for the 15th JDC is speaking out on those who threaten and terrorize schools.

In recent weeks we've seen a number of local schools go on lockdowns after threats were made via social media or through notes found on campus.

Many within the community, including parents, have been pleading for officials to outline the consequences for those who make these threats and now we know what they are.

KLFY-TV 10 spoke to District Attorney Don Landry and he outlined what the law states when it comes to terrorizing.

According to the report, " The charge of terrorizing can carry a fine of up to $15K or up to 15 years of imprisonment or both and for a person under 18 that’s a lot of time to lose."

So yes, while some may see these threats at schools as a joke or prank, by the letter of the law, this is no joke.

The District Attorney tells KLFY-TV that he and his team would like to directly carry their message to students and are willing to go into schools to explain the severity of terrorizing.

I'll go a step further here and suggest that parents read the consequences to their own children. Parents must communicate with their kids when it comes to consequences for their actions.

For more to read about what Don Landry and local police had to say about the recent threats at local schools, click HERE.


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