The second Thursday in September is set aside for National School Picture Day as a reminder to smile. 2020 has given us tough times, but we can't let her take away our smiles. So today, 99.9 KTDY would like you to show us an old school pic of yourself or a current pic of you today smiling from ear to ear.

The pictures you took in school on school picture day are now sweet memories for you, the good old days. Well, there is no reason we can't do the same thing today. Let us see those old school pictures so we can remember the good times together. Let us see those beautiful smiles from when you were young Acadiana. Or send us pics of your children from today, we'd love to share them with our social media audience.

2020 has been a challenging year, let take today to smile, remember the days when life was simple and less chaotic while hoping for a smooth future for the children of today.

You can post them to the KTDY Facebook page or by using the KTDY mobile app. On the KTDY mobile app just look for the button that says "Submit Photo"

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