Maybe you've asked yourself, "should I go to the Cajundome for a coronavirus screening"? Well, the Lafayette Consolidated Government's website has a pre-screening screening to see if you should go.


The pre-screen is fairly simple: if you are not in a high-risk category and are showing no symptoms of COVID-19, then the answer is "no", you don't need to go to the Cajundome for COVID-19 screening.

If you are in the high-risk category (healthcare workers in direct contact with COVID-19 patients, infants less than 10 weeks, anyone 60 or older living in communal settings, etc.) or are showing symptoms (including fever greater than 100.4), then the answer is "yes", you should go to the Cajundome for screening.

If you find yourself having to go to the Cajundome for screening, please have a photo ID ready, along with your insurance information if applicable. Also, please be patient in the waiting line, have your car radio off when it's your turn, and respect the screener's time by answering the questions concisely and directly.

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