If you've ever been through an automatic car wash like the one in this video, you know the drill: take your hands off of the wheel, put the car in "N", and take your foot off of the brake.  Well, the woman at this automatic car wash didn't know how to put her vehicle in neutral, so she gets aggravated and exits the car while it's in gear.

A Reddit user posted the video to the internet, claiming that the employee who saved the vehicle from crashing was a cousin.

As you can see in the video, her foot is on the brake (notice the third brake light stays on until she exits the vehicle), as the rollers run under her tires, causing the vehicle to bounce. During the process, she finds reverse for a moment and then puts the vehicle in a forward-moving gear before she "hopes" and exits the vehicle.

Quick-thinking on the part of the employee for putting the car into neutral, saving it from crashing.

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