I honestly can say I don't know what I would have done in this situation.

A TikTok video shows the moment when her car starts to fill up with water as she goes through a carwash.

The TikToker, @theshibshow, describes the moment that sent her into a panick.


@theshibshow what is happening… someone pls explain #carwashfails#sendhelplol♬ original sound - shib
You can clearly see in the video that she is confused and very nervous about what is happening. I completely understand because I would be so confused too. 
The TikTok star went on to ask her followers "how much rice would it take to dry out her car?"

@theshibshow Reply to @krayselley I was thinking at least a cup of rice? #carguys#sendhelplol#putitinrice♬ original sound - nas
Thankfully she was able to get her car to a mechanic who provided a very detailed explanation of what took place. 


@theshibshow Reply to @theshibshow finally got the update! Hope this answers everyone’s questions! #carwashfails lol @Nissan USA ♬ original sound - shib
So next time you are in a carwash and your car starts to flood beep your horn to let the workers know that something is wrong. 

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