As Hurricane Ian wreaks havoc on the state of Florida, many residents who hunkered down are capturing some harrowing scenes. One scene out of Florida is a result of the strong storm surge, as a shark has been spotted swimming through a Fort Meyers neighborhood.

shark hurricane ian

As many Florida residents evacuated their homes before Hurricane Ian made landfall, some stayed home and are weathering the storm. Yesterday, we saw many people out and about in Key West with one man even wake-surfing through the flooded streets.

Now, as the storm surge pushes more water into typically dry places, we have seen a sight that in the past would be largely considered a hoax.

Twitter via @BradHabuda
Twitter via @BradHabuda

Shark Swims Through Flooded Streets of Florida Neighborhood During Hurricane Ian

Check out the video shared by @BradHabuda on Twitter below.

A report from @US_Stormwatch seemingly confirmed the authenticity of the video.

Speculation would be understood, as @JaneLytv points out that street-shark hoaxes have been around for over a decade.

We hope for the best for the people of Florida as they weather the storm that is Hurricane Ian.

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