(Sun) In what may be the most aggressive shark attack caught on video, this very real video from a resort in the Red Sea appears to be something computer-generated in a studio for a Hollywood movie scene. It's the first known shark attack while parasailing.

The caption of this shocking video might read, "Sharks Gone Wild". A shark attack when the victim is not even in the water? That's almost impossible, right?

A 37-year-old Jordanian parasailer was sent to the hospital for emergency surgery to save his leg and foot after a shark leaped out of the water and swallowed his leg as he parasailed, hovering above the water while being pulled behind a boat at a resort in Aqaba one week ago.

In a move that could have very well been taken from the movie "Jaws", the malicious shark attack caused the victim serious injuries to tendons, muscles and bones on his right leg and foot. The shark removed part of the man's heal as well.

Tracking Sharks
Tracking Sharks

The parasailer was taken to Prince Hashem Military Hospital where doctors worked for hours to repair the man's leg and foot. He is said to be in stable condition.

The parasailer attack comes just two days after a separate incident whereby a shark attacked a boat.

Locals are being told that these types of shark attacks are rare, however, locals, beachgoers, vacationers and tourists are taking this event very seriously. Most are avoiding going into the water as news outlets and social media continue to get the word out of the two attacks in three days.

Officials say there will be investigations into both incidents. Details and advisories will be announced to the public when available.

The species of shark in the parasailing attack has not been identified.

(Warning Graphic Video) Parasailer Shark Attack

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