He's done it again.

Shaquille O'Neal is back in Acadiana and he is making his rounds. Shaq was at a political event Wednesday night (9/18) when he had fun with some of the people attending.

The former NBA great challenged a political candidate to a friendly free throw competition and Shaq pledged to give $5,000 to the New Iberia Community Center if the candidate made a free throw. Well, he didn't make the basket, but it didn't stop there.

O'Neal said that he would keep his promise if a kid in the crowd could make the free throw and he did. Shaq said $5,000 was going to the community center. Then, Shaq upped his pledge to $10,000 if another kid could make a free throw.

The kid was pulled from the crowd and drained it. Yes, O'Neal is now giving $10,000 to the New Iberia Community Center.

Get to the 10:00 minute mark in the video below and watch all the fun. This is why I have always loved Shaq. He loves south Louisiana and his charitable contributions have gone unmatched.

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