LOUISIANA (KPEL News) - Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana contacted his closest supporters today and informed them that he will not be running for Governor in 2023.

Kennedy has long been rumored to be eyeing a run for Governor, and announced in November he would be making a decision soon. That decision comes Wednesday in the form of an email sent to supporters, according to Jeremy Alford at LaPolitics.

In the email, Kennedy said he believes the best way to serve the state is by serving in the Senate.

Here's the full email, courtesy Alford on Twitter.

Permit me to begin with gratitude.
So many of you have called, texted and emailed that you would be with me unconditionally if I ran for Governor. You were there for me in my Senate re-election, and that you would support me for Governor means so much to me. Thank you for your grace and your friendship.
I have looked hard into my heart and decided to remain in the Senate and not to run for Governor.
Senator and Governor are very different jobs.
At this juncture, I just think I can help my state and my country more in the Senate.
I have passed more bills as the lead author than any first term senator in Louisiana's history, but, to be an effective Senator, killing bad ideas is just as important as advancing good ones. I'm going to be very busy doing both.
God bless each of you, our state and our country.

How This Affects The Race

There were several candidates waiting on Kennedy's announcement before they could make theirs, including State Treasurer John Schroder and Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser.

"Sen. Kennedy has been a longtime friend, and I was honored to have his endorsement when I ran for treasurer,"  Schroder told the USA Today Network last year.

John Schroder
Credit: John Schroder/Louisiana Treasury Website

"In turn, it would be my honor to endorse him if he chooses to run for governor. John Kennedy is the kind of leader I can work with to fix the problems our great state faces. Should he decide to run, I will run for reelection as treasurer. However, if Sen. Kennedy chooses not to run, I plan to announce and pursue the title of governor in 2023.

"I think if (Kennedy) gets in he's the frontrunner," Nungesser also said previously. "He's just spent tens of millions of dollars in the last four or five months on his Senate campaign, so he's already been in front of the voters."

Other Republicans who are reportedly eyeing the race include state Senator Sharon Hewitt, while U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy recently announced he would not be running.

The only announced Republican candidate so far is Attorney General Jeff Landry.

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