A young grill standing behind Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry fainted while he said a bill into law earlier this week.

Gov. Landry was singing the bill that put the Ten Commandments in every public classroom in Louisiana when the young girl fell to the floor.

You can see that several of the adults standing near her assisted her and she was eventually carried off the stage.

Jeff Landry via Governor's Announcement Video
Jeff Landry via Governor's Announcement Video

WBRZ reports that she is fine and that "her knees buckled" while witnessing the signing.

After the press conference, Gov. Landry reportedly paid the young girl a special visit. We're glad to hear that she is okay and did not suffer a serious medical issue.

I feel she will be reminded of this for years to come. Here's the moment the young girl fell to the floor and left many concerned for her well-being.


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