I've heard people say spotting a red bird means good luck or that it's a deceased loved one coming to say hello. So I decided to examine what seeing a red bird really means.

First of all, cardinals do represent celebration, rejuvenation, hope, health and joy according to birdingdepot.com. The cardinal species is a vibrant colored species. Their red feathers make them easy to spot even when they're surrounded by other birds. The red bird is a confident bird in comparison.

The color of the cardinal is not the only special characteristic of the bird. Its song is really nice as well. When you hear a red bird singing, take it in. Really let it sink in. Allow the song to fill your senses. Pause and let the sound calm you so that your energy and love can swell. A cardinal's song can realign your world. Remember this feeling so that every time you see a red bird, you remember to slow down and realign.

Cardinals are great parents. Who knew? In the cardinal family, the male is the nurturing parent. The female mom will nurture their young as well, taking turns as in the human world. Cardinals are one of the only birds that co-parent. So red birds can remind us humans to get the balance between work and family correct.

Is spotting the occasional cardinal a message from beyond? There certainly is no scientific proof of that. Is the red bird outside your kitchen window your dead grandmother? Probably not. Is she trying to send you a message through a bird? Probably not. But if seeing a red bird reminds you of someone dear to you who has passed on, allow it. There is no harm in it.

Also, dreaming of a red bird may mean something to you. You may feel like it's a loved one trying to contact you or send you a message. It's more than likely not. Just your brain dealing with all the stuff in your life. But again, if it brings you peace...let it.

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