Have you ever wanted to ask a policeman, "What are the exact steps I should follow if I’m pulled over or how do I know if I should pursue a career in law enforcement?"  You may even want to ask something less formal than that, like, "Do policeman get to pick the gun they carry?"

You can get your questions answered at tomorrow's "Coffee with a Cop".

The following commanders will be at the following McDonald's locations tomorrow morning:

Precinct 1 – Captain Joseph Lange  - North University and Renaud

Precinct 2 – Captain Phil Fontenot    - Johnston Street near St. Mary

Precinct 3 – Captain Dwayne Prejean - Kaliste Saloom near Amb. Caffery

Precinct 4 – Captain Dewitt Sheridan - Willow Street and Evangeline Thwy

The Captains will be available at the above Mcdonald's tomorrow morning between 7 and 9. These men are the commanders for these Precincts.

Why do they have "Coffee with a Cop"?

Lafayette Police Spokesman Karl Ratcliff says it's about having a relaxed environment. He says the point of the program according to the administration is to let people have the opportunity to have a casual environment in which to get their questions answered and their concerns addressed.

When I asked my co-workers what they would ask a policeman if they had a chance, here is what they wanted to ask about:

"Could I put on your holster and talk like Roscoe P Coltrane?"

"Is that belt with your gun and other accessories heavy? How much does it weigh?"

"What is racial profiling, and does this happen?"

"What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened or you have seen when you pulled someone over?"

"On cop shows on television, you always see the police running to catch suspects, does that happen a lot?"

"What is one thing that parents tell their children about police officers that makes you cringe?"

"Do cops get hit on a lot, for dates?"

"Has anyone every offered you a bribe?"

"Is it legal for a cop to radar drivers from private property?"

"If you are out patrolling, where do you go to the restroom?"

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