If you checked out Chris Rock's New Orleans show at the Saenger, you got a real treat.

Rock's Total Blackout Tour already features Eric Andre and Jeffery Ross as openers, so if the audience wasn't spoiled enough, imagine their reaction when Dave Chappelle made an unannounced appearance.

By the way, Chris Rock—like many performers playing more intimate venues as of late—has a strict policy when it comes to phones, cameras and recording devices. So at a point in time when most of us would be scrambling for our cell phones to document this amazing moment many were left having to simply enjoy the moment.

Imagine that?

It wasn't only the fact that Chappelle was in the building, but the way he made his entrance that had audience members "freaking out." Ashley Hebert was in attendance and told us that no one saw it coming.

The announcer comes on and announces "Chris Rock"..... but out walks Chappelle instead. So everyone is freaking out and Dave jokes, "Ya'll are part of a social experiment. Chris is in Austin doing my show." Dave does about 20 minutes of comedy, then out of nowhere Chris Rock walks out. It was so cool how they played off of each other, and at one point Chris was laughing at Dave so hard, he spit his water out lol

Chappelle was just in New Orleans for a series of shows around All-Star Weekend, but those in attendance were still as excited as ever to witness one of the coolest moments in recent comedy history. Even Dave Chappelle was impressed as he ended the show by saying,

This might be one of the flyest things I've ever been a part of

I wouldn't disagree with him on that one.




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