The folks at Lafayette Comedy sure have been snagging some big-name entertainers for little ol' Lafayette.

From Dan St. Germain (HBO, Comedy Central, Jimmy Fallon) to Mo Alexander (Comedy Central, Bob & Tom) and Dusty Slay, they are really reeling them into the Hub City.

Oh, by the way, did you catch Bobcat Goldthwait while he was in town? Yup, him too. and Tom Segura, Nate Bargatze, Mark Normand, Ms. Pat, Doug Stanhope, and so many others.

Upcoming shows being presented by Lafayette Comedy include:

  • Neil Hamburger on January 13th
  • Dusty Slay on January 20
  • Jimmie "JJ" Walker (Good Times) on March 30
  • Kevin Farley on May 18th

The latest announcement from Lafayette Comedy brings comedian Jamie Kennedy to Lafayette!

via Lafayette Comedy
via Lafayette Comedy

Jamie Kennedy brings his brand of comedy to Club 337 in the Doubletree Hotel on Pinhook Road March 23rd.

As a writer, actor, producer and, of course, comedian, Kennedy is no stranger to the stage. His first acting gig in a movie was in "Dead Poets Society" back in 1989, and he's been climbing the hill since.

According to the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB), Kennedy is probably best known for playing Randy Meeks in the "Scream" franchise.

Other movies under his belt include "Last Call", "Trick", "Roe vs. Wade", "Clockwatchers" - the list goes on.

He's also appeared in countless television shows, podcasts, music videos - the man is all over the place.

via Youtube
via Youtube

And he'll be in Lafayette soon. You can get your tickets to see Jamie Kennedy (or any of the other artists coming) by visiting Lafayette Comedy's website.

Here's Kennedy, hosting Gotham Comedy Live (a bit of a warning, he's got a potty mouth NSFW)

In another bit of old news, Lafayette Comedy has teamed up with the Acadiana Center for the Arts, which creates an opportunity to open eyes to other genres of entertainment. Patrons of the ACA will now be more aware of the comedy side of the entertainment coming to Lafayette, and the comedy show patrons will now be exposed to a great variety of other forms of entertainment hosted by the ACA.

It's a win/win situation, according to Jason P. Leonard, the mastermind behind Lafayette Comedy.

Jason P. Leonard submitted photo
Jason P. Leonard submitted photo

Having a consistent, beautiful venue to hold shows should help Leonard attract bigger names in comedy. And, with the ACA being in the heart of Downtown Lafayette, the dinner options and after-party options are multiplied.

When Leonard was approached by the ACA earlier this year about bringing comedy to its venue, he saw the value in the agreement for both sides:

Teaming with the Acadiana Center for the Arts provides an amazing venue for our shows as well as a new audience for our shows. It also provides a new genre of entertainment for the ACA regulars. The ACA holds a nice-sized crowd, but still provides an intimate feel, which is perfect for our comedy shows and the great musical entertainment the ACA brings to Acadiana. - Jason P. Leonard, Lafayette Comedy

Artists lined up to perform comedy at the Acadiana Center for the Arts include:

Shane Torres, March 2

Jimmie Walker (yes, JJ from Good times), March 30

Rich Vos, April 13

Kevin Farley, May 18

Michael Winslow, October 5

It's exciting to see Lafayette Comedy and ACA working together to continue to provide quality entertainment in Lafayette.

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