A comedy show featuring a full lineup of local comedians held their first comedy night at Bric's on Main Street in New Iberia last week.

Those in attendance and the performers are hoping the event is something that will carry into the future.

One of the performers, Lester Hebert, has a full-time job, but comedy is lagniappe for him. He is hoping that people taking to the stage in New Iberia to share their comedy will become routine. Several other stand-up comedians performed that night as well.

Group photo from the event

When we had a chance to catch up with Hebert, we talked to him about last summer when he started performing live in front of other people. He adds it was only natural that he would record his routines and create a TikTok account.

The character he makes part of his routine is "Pepaw" based on someone in his family. He says the actual PePaw even appears in one of his TikTok videos around Christmas. He says he based the character on Chris Andre'. The best part of this is that Andre' loves the skits!

Here's a skit he posted to TikTok about Raising Kids:

Hebert says he is working on making "Comedy on the Teche" a regular night featuring local and regional comedians who perform in New Iberia. He says they will have one event on a Wednesday each month. You can expect a new event coming soon to Bric's on Main Street.

You can find out more about Hebert's comedy by visiting his TikTok account.

We'll be sure to bring you updates on when the next comedy show featuring local talent will happen in New Iberia at Bric's at 133 West Main Street.

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