Lafayette Comedy has announced that funnyman Carlos Mencia is coming to Lafayette.

On Friday, August 6th, and Saturday, August 7, Mencia will be performing at Club 337 in the Doubletree Hotel on Pinhook.

We asked Jason Leonard of Lafayette Comedy to play "3 Questions" with us, and here is how that went:

1. Why did you create Lafayette Comedy?

Lafayette comedy exists because when I got into stand-up myself, I knew the only way to build a good local scene was to attract more people to the shows here in Acadiana. And bringing in national comedians really brought attention to the local scene as interest and, thankfully, ticket sales, have gone up.

2. How has the pandemic impacted comedy in Acadiana?

Well, with everything being closed, both comedians and audiences alike are hungry for more entertainment. With the pandemic, I've had extra time on my hands lately, which allows me to spend more time working on Lafayette Comedy, so I've been in touch with a lot of agents and comedians. With the success of our past shows, bigger names like Carlos Mencia are noticing Lafayette and are actually reaching out to me to come here. Now that things are opening up, I believe we'll see more and more comedians routing through.

3. Can you make me laugh right now?

He did, but I can't post it here.

According to Eventbrite, there will be two shows each night, 6:30 and 8:30, and tickets start at $30 each.

Carlos Mencia got his start in California at Laugh Factory on amateur night, and eventually found himself playing The Comedy Store nightly. Mencia also took home the top prize on a Latino version of "Star Search" and went on to be funny on the Arsenio Hall Show, In Living Color, An Evening at the Improv, the Bernie Mac Show, and starred in the Comedy Central show "Mind of Mencia".

He has appeared on Loco Slam, Funny is Funny, Uncensored Comedy, the sitcom Moesha, Latino Laugh Festival, The Heartbreak Kid, Mind of Mencia, and Comic Relief.

Mencia has also starred on a USO tour, entertaining our troops overseas with the likes of Jessica Simpson and the Pussycat Dolls.

And soon, he will be adding Lafayette, Louisiana to this list.

Who's ready for a fun(ny) night out?

Jason Leonard's day gig is a well-loved and well-respected educator in Lafayette Parish. His night-time superhero identity is Captain Comedy. (No word on whether he wears the red underpants as outerpants.)

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