When I was on my way to work the other day and came across this sight, I knew I had to turn around and capture it on video and find out his story.

I was on Pinhook Road near Verot School Road when a guy on a bicycle rode by. NBD, right? Well, he was riding a bicycle AND playing guitar AND singing! (I still have trouble patting my head and rubbing my tummy simultaneously.).  He was going towards Southpark when we crossed paths, so at my first opportunity, I whipped the Jeep around, passed him by, and then turned in to the parts house parking lot to wait for him, camera in hand.

At the time, I was so blown away by seeing him riding and playing and singing, I was so concerned about getting the video to share with you that didn't think about stopping him to get his story. Now that the video is posted, I am sure we'll hear from people who know him or have seen him around town.

I also wish I would have been close enough for long enough to hear exactly what he was playing and singing, but I couldn't make it out.  What song would you imagine it would be as he rode along Pinhook, on a bicycle, playing a guitar and singing? Watch the video below with your sound up to see if you can make out what he is singing.

Is he saying "Give It Up For Your Love"? Or is it "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love"? I am almost sure I heard the word "love" in there, along with a "wooo-ooooh" at the end!

Who is this guitar-playing, bicycle-riding troubadour roaming the streets of Acadiana?



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