A Scott woman has posted a heartbreaking story about a dog she rescued earlier today.

Diana Richard, the wife of the mayor of Scott, took to social media to chastise those who treat animals inhumanely and to ask for help in re-homing a Chihuahua.

Richard was driving down Congress today when she noticed a horrifying incident unfolding in front of a residence: someone had a chokehold on a puppy.

It appears that the owner of the puppy was upset with it because it had urinated on the owner's jacket.

According to Richard's story, a group of young adults was outside the home arguing about something and one of them was strangling the dog.

Photo courtesy of Diana R. Richard
Photo courtesy of Diana R. Richard

Richard says that she made a U-Turn and drove up to the home to speak with the individuals.

...I did the most illegal U-Turn and drove in their driveway. We had a conversation about anger, about dogs and life. Apparently the dog peed on his jacket, and that was it… - Diana Rivera Richard, via Facebook

As Richard started speaking to the group, she reminded them that they should never "give up on something or someone." Just because there is a little problem, don't give up because things aren't going as planned.

Photo courtesy of Diana R. Richard
Photo courtesy of Diana R. Richard

And a very valid point about humanity was shared, just like that. Life isn't just about what happens to you, it's also about how you react to what happens to you. And, judging by Richard's post, the pet owner reacted in the worse way possible.

Richard believes that the pet owner was about to toss the dog into oncoming traffic.

Photo courtesy of Diana R. Richard
Photo courtesy of Diana R. Richard

As she spoke to the man holding the dog, he slowly released his grip on the puppy and listened to her words of reason. She was able to talk the man into giving her the dog as he told her that the dog's name is Sam, and he is a purebred Apple Head Red Chihuahua.

My heart is RACING, I’m so mad and saddened that people think the answer is so easy and just to ‘kill’ and get rid of something bc of a bad day or a mishap. - Diana Rivera Richard, via Facebook

It is quite a coincidence that this incident took place today, as I read the post right after I got back from my veterinarian's office. You see, this morning I had to put down my Mannie.

Hearing about people abusing animals puts me into the same mind frame as Richard: I SEE RED!

My Mannie, in these recent months, has had a slight issue with controlling her back half: her hind legs quit working several months ago, and she was beginning to have trouble with some other muscle control. Needless to say, I have been having to clean my floors more often than I used to.

Photo courtesy of Diana R. Richard
Photo courtesy of Diana R. Richard

Frustrating? Yes, it is. It's also heartbreaking to watch your pet deteriorate and know that there is nothing you can do about it except give extra attention and love.

But a puppy? There's lots you can do to prevent "accidents", but it takes patience and determination. Dogs need you to be consistent with training, or they won't learn properly. If you don't have patience, you shouldn't own pets.

Richard is now trying to re-home "Sam" and, hopefully, it will be a home full of patience and love.

Life is precious. Teach your kids right from wrong. My God-Tug hurts today but glad he had me at the right place to talk to these young adults.
Washing him now, PLEASE help me re-home this lil one!

Diana, thank you for giving this story a happy ending by rescuing this beautiful dog. I hope it lives a long life in a home full of love.


In an update to the story, Richard shares great news:

❣️UPDATE. I found him a home! Thank you everyone for sharing. Remember: Teach your kids how to channel their anger. Teach them LOVE, kindness and give them hope. All life is precious!

I am grateful for people like Diana, and I hope that her words and actions encourage others to step in when someone or something is unable to defend itself.

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