A Scott man has been arrested after shooting his own dog and posting the video on social media.

I wish I knew more about this story because I just can't wrap my head around it.

The man pictured above, according to the story from KATC TV3, shot his own dog and posted the video on Snapchat. Shot. His. Own. Dog. That does not compute with me.

Shooting a dog attacking your child? Yes. Shooting your own dog attacking your child? Another "yes". But shooting your own dog to post on social media? I don't get it.

Are social media likes/follows/shares that important to some people?

According to the story, the guy pictured above (I will stop short of calling him a man) shot his dog on Tuesday evening and was arrested shortly thereafter. The charges:

cruelty to animals and unlawful posting of criminal activity for notoriety or publicity. - KATC

Notoriety or publicity. Doing it for attention.

Not only does it blow my mind that he would shoot his own dog, but to think that others would want to see it happen is just as baffling. Can you imagine opening your Snapchat to a video of a man shooting his dog? Sickening.

The man has already bonded out of jail, but there are no reports as to whether he has more animals in his care, or if his firearms were taken from him.

If he wanted notoriety or publicity, we'll give it to him. Let's hope that he gets enough publicity for a judge to decide to jail him for a while.

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