We all need a good koozie here in Louisiana and a local from Scott created the perfect one. Chris Richard said he was inspired to create this koozie five years ago when he watched his grandmother use a paper towel around her Diet Dr. Pepper cans, according to KATC. Now, Richard has a full-blown business.

Richard describes it as “the world’s first compact, one-size-fits-all shapes and sizes huggy for your beverage.” He’s very proud of his ‘Hidden Huggy’ because there really wasn’t anything compact and convenient on the market. He is shipping them all over the country and said he can’t wait until he sees someone that he doesn’t know using the Hidden Huggy.

I have to say it’s very frustrating to use a koozie that doesn’t completely and tightly hug your beverage. And the ones that do are not that compact and convenient to carry around. It’s a brilliant idea and I need one. Not to mention, if you buy these, you are helping a local business.

Check out the video below to see how it works:

Richard said his patent is pending. It’s adjustable and fits on glass bottles, plastic bottles, regular cans, cups, and even skinny cans.

Richard sells the ‘Hidden Huggy’ on social media and you can get it by clicking here.


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