A school in Georgia is coming under fire this week for taking first and second graders on a field trip to a gun shop.  Here in Louisiana, Sportsman's Paradise, I suspect opinions about this may be mixed.

The New York Post reported yesterday about a probe into Holdheide Academy in Woodstock, Georgia after the school took students on a field trip to Hi-Caliber Firearms.  The class was studying Annie Oakley and other famous gunslingers.

The Academy was issued a cease and desist order for it's actions.  The director of the school says they did nothing wrong.  The students went to Hi-Caliber Firearms to see an 1894 Winchester rifle and a six-shooter.  The director claims these guns were part of the curriculum the students were learning about.

In Louisiana, our state is loaded with hunters.  We also have many who appose guns.  What are your thoughts?  Is this right or wrong?

[Via:  New York Post]


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