No one loves quite like a grandparent. This sickening scam preys on that relentless love.

Go ahead, I dare you to try to think of someone that has more love in their heart than your grandparents. Often times, they are the most loving and compassionate members of the family. They don't know the word "no" when it comes to their grand-kids or great grand-kids.

There's a new phone scam going around that targets our grandparents. In the scam, the callers will tell grandparents that their grandchild has been in an accident or gotten into some trouble. These criminals then try to convince the grandparent to wire over money to help the situation.

This has already happened to one victim in Lake Charles. Remember, buying gift cards for strangers over the phone is ALWAYS a massive red flag.

So be on the lookout and contact the Louisiana Attorney General's Office if you or your loved one gets a suspicious call!

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