We're all looking for ways to save on electricity this summer, and here's one thing you can do in your home to save.

While the temperatures soar in South Louisiana this summer, many of us have our ceiling fans on all day and all night.

Well, did you know that you should turn your ceiling fans off when you are not in a room?

Yes, fans are great for cooling you off, but they do not lower the temperature in a room. Thus, when you have a fan on while you're not in the room, you are just wasting electricity.


While fans are also great for circulating air throughout the house, they can cool you off, but unfortunately, they will not lower the temperature in a room.

I want to note here that if you do have pets in the room, you should probably keep the ceiling fan on while they are in the room. Yes, pets can cool off with the use of a ceiling fan.

Now, when it comes to the rotation of the fan during the summer months, make sure to switch your ceiling fans so they spin counter-clockwise during the hottest months of the year.

We hope this helps you save on your electrical bill because we all know that the A/C units have been working non-stop during this recent heat wave.

Stay cool, and stay hydrated during these brutal summer months down south.


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