If you are a child of the '80s like I am , you'll appreciate this woman's mock diary post from the 1980s.

Stacy Feintuch decided to search her memory banks for her latest blog post, digging up the styles, trends, faces and products of her time spent in the 1980s.

She mentions riding in her friend's new Trans Am, watching General Hospital, Dynasty, and even MTV (when they played videos all day!) on the television, and going to the theatre to watch "The Outsiders".

I bought some new sweaters at Benetton and a pair of pink jelly shoes. We ate at the food court. I had Sbarro’s pizza and an Orange Julius. - from "If I Had Written A Blog as a Teen In The '80s"

The post is both funny and real, taking me back to my time in the 1980s as I read through. You can read the rest of her "blog from the '80s" here, and maybe relive some of your youth!

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