America's favorite decade of music is the 1980s and this weekend 99.9 KTDY is celebrating the "greed decade" with a "Feel Good All 80s Weekend". The 80s gave us "big hair", New Wave, funk and preppies. Oh, and the "Golden Girls".

Gasoline was between $.90 and a buck twenty-five, for about $400 you could own a new Commodore 64 computer and the most popular brand of jeans, Guess, started at about $60.

Let 99.9 KTDY take you back to a time when dance floors were packed and pandemic was a word you only heard in movies. Remind your friends and family they can listen anywhere in the world using the KTDY mobile app.

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It's a "Feel Good All 80s Weekend" on 99.9 KTDY. (Excluding shows "Delilah at Night" and "Your Weekend" with Jim Brickman.

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