As Acadiana and Louisiana start to climb out from the doldrums of the Coronavirus pandemic, it's time to celebrate life and get back to living. And nothing does that better than a playlist of your favorite songs.

America's favorite decade of music is the 1980s and this weekend 99.9 KTDY is bringing back our "Feel Good All 80s Weekend". Only the biggest songs from the awesome 80s all in one place, all for you and all weekend long.

Personal computers became a thing in the 80s, America's kids were head over heels for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and cellphones weighed as much as a cantaloupe.

Let 99.9 KTDY take you back to a time when dance floors were packed and pandemic was a word you only heard in movies. Remind your friends and family they can listen anywhere in the world using the KTDY mobile app.

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It's a "Feel Good All 80s Weekend" on 99.9 KTDY. (Excluding shows "Delilah at Night" and "Your Weekend" with Jim Brickman.

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