The biggest threat to finishing a cross-country race should be blazing heat and cramps, not the animal kingdom.

This poor runner was minding his own business along the course when a deer came flying out of nowhere like a DeLorean that's reached 88 miles per hour crossing into a new timeline and lambasted him. Someone shouted a warning, but to no avail.

We've heard about baseball players who are afraid to step back into the batter's box after getting hit by a pitch, so, naturally, we have to wonder if this runner is going to be terrified the next time he laces up his sneakers and goes for a jog.

Heck, this hit that would make NFL linebackers will probably resonate with him to the point that the site of any animal will make him shudder, although the seven years bad luck he'd get when a black cat crosses his path might be preferable to the pain he faces when he encounters a feisty raccoon when he goes to take out the garbage.

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