John Hinckley Jr. shot President Ronald Reagan outside the Washington Hilton March 30, 1981.  Americans watched television news footage at home, in store windows, bars became quiet, as Americans waited to see if the leader of the free world would be okay.  But it's what Regan said to the hospital staff that was funny at the time, but could be a sentiment to the country today, but not in a funny way.

President Ronald Reagan
The White House, Getty Images
When Republican President Ronald Reagan arrived at the hospital on that aweful day in 1981, he joked, "Please tell me you're all Republicans."  One of the surgeons, a proclaimed liberal democrat, replied, "We're all Republicans today."
Many Democrats are boycotting President elect Donald Trump's inauguration this Friday.  One may worry about the message of division that will be sent all around the world during a time when the world needs more unity.

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