Inspiring Words From President Kennedy
My daily message today is borrowed from one of America's most beloved presidents, John F. Kennedy. He thought all problems were man made and therefore could be fixed, by man and only man.
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Wants To Be President??
An actor running for president? That's crazy, right?! Maybe not. Depending on your age, you may remember a guy named Ronald Reagan. Actor & bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger served as governor of California. A pro wrestler, Jesse "the Body" Ventura once served as gover…
Ronald Reagan's Comment To Hospital Staff Could Be Inspirational Today
John Hinckley Jr. shot President Ronald Reagan outside the Washington Hilton March 30, 1981. Americans watched television news footage at home, in store windows, bars became quiet, as Americans waited to see if the leader of the free world would be okay. But it's what Regan said to the hospit…
Former First Lady Nancy Reagan Dead At 94
Former first lady Nancy Reagan has passed away. TMZ reports, she died of congestive heart failure early Sunday. The former Nancy Davis was born July 3rd, 1921 in New York. Nancy's mother was an actress. This plotted the future first lady's career path...

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