So, if you are like me, you are working from home during this coronavirus outbreak. I hope that you are keeping your distance and doing your part to minimize the spread.

With that being said, you'll probably need something to cure the boredom you are feeling (or will soon be feeling). I thought I'd share this story about Air Force One.

First printed in 2018, this story gives some insight into the President's plane, one being that it's not just one plane: Air Force One is the call sign for the aircraft transporting the current American President. If he were to be flying with Kevin Vidrine in his Cessna, the call sign for that airplane would (temporarily) be Air Force One. (Well, maybe not, but it is cool to think that Kevin could call the Abbeville airport and say "Abbeville airport, this is Air Force One, requesting a fly-by".)

Now I know that the Boeing 747 is a huge aircraft, but the photos in this story from the interior of the aircraft give a real perspective: THIS AIRCRAFT IS HUGE.

In the story, you'll learn why you'll never see Air Force One at a terminal. You'll learn how long the aircraft can stay in flight (much, MUCH longer than you think). You'll also learn which President had, for a very short time, an aircraft with the call sign "Navy One" (hint: he landed on an aircraft carrier).

So, everything you've ever wanted to know about Air Force One except for the confidential information is contained in this post.

Thanks to for the informational post.

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