It was a big day at the Lafayette Regional Airport.

Air Force Two, the jumbo plane that transports the Vice President of The United States, landed in Lafayette on Monday as Harris was set to visit Sunset, La.

The Vice President was in south Louisiana to promote affordable, accessible high-speed internet in rural America. This is all part of the Biden plan to "Build Back America".

Regardless of your political views, it's always special to see Air Force One or Two in your city and today the Lafayette Regional Airport was home to one of the most important planes in the free world.

Here's a video of the airport in Lafayette that shows Air Force Two taxiing in. The airport also gave us a quick history lesson on this enormous plane.


Our media partners at KATC-TV 3 were on hand as Vice President Harris exited the plane and met with state and local leaders, before hitting the road and heading to Sunset.

Below is the speech that Harris gave to those in attendance in St. Landry Parish. Her focus was on getting high-speed internet into homes that cannot afford it.

In her speech below, Harris says that with the pandemic, we saw just how important it really is for everyone to have access to high-speed internet.

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