After a long year of no parades for ANYTHING, including Louisiana's biggest celebration, we are kind of ready to celebrate. Something. And if we're being honest, Mardi Gras is eight months away, and we could use a little fun as we are creeping out of pandemic mode.

And what better way to celebrate the retirement of one of New Orleans' most beloved sports figures than throw a parade on his birthday? The Krewe du Brees Facebook page has over 7,000 signatures to throw an official retirement parade for former New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. And the owner of a well-known PR firm in the Big Easy says he's going to try and make that happen on Drew's birthday next year.

Eric Sanchez, a 35-year-old "self-styled crowdsourcing guru" who owns his own firm in New Orleans is no stranger to whipping up interest in events that might not get a whole lot of love otherwise. He's been involved in everything from promoting the presidential candidacy of Andrew Yang, to a Kickstarter campaign to have musical artist Kenny Loggins perform in his living room. He also was instrumental in a campaign to rename the former Lee Circle after beloved late Chef Leah Chase. So it was not a stretch to get some interest going in a big celebration to usher out the "Drew Brees era" in New Orleans.

Sanchez has not contacted Brees or gotten an official parade permit from city hall yet, but he tells “From a zeitgeist standpoint, he retired at a tough time. A spectacular parade is the least I could do." If you would like to sign the petition, check out The Krewe du Brees Facebook page. Who Dat, baby!



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