A restaurant in Florida called Beckyjack’s Food Shack has a Facebook post that is going viral. The owner of the restaurant, Jesse Fox, said he did a post on social media to let people know that wearing a mask wasn’t mandatory for his staff or his customers. What makes the post stand out is the photo with a caption reading “Face diapers not required! Everyone welcome!”

As you can imagine, the post has received thousands of comments and the feedback is both positive and negative, with masks being one of the most controversial topics in our country right now.

I don’t feel like I am going against the grain. I feel like I’m using common sense. - Jesse Fox, Beckyjack’s Food Shack owner

Fox did stress that it is not required in Hernando County where the restaurant is located.  He added that he is following the original CDC guidelines that healthy people don’t need to wear one, according to WFLA. He added that if the county required people to wear a mask in restaurants, he would follow those guidelines.



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