Many communities have the eye in the sky. The red light camera is what I am talking about. These silent sentinels watch traffic as moves in and out and through intersections where they are installed. For many in local government it is seen as a way to make drivers more aware of dangerous intersections. There are others that believe that the cameras are simply a revenue generating source.

A bill that would make getting nabbed by a red light or speed camera a little harder to do is closer to final passage. This proposal states that signs must be placed at least 500 feet before a red light camera intersection. The author of the bill New Orleans Senator Troy Carter says this additional signage would allow motorist due process.

If in fact a sign is not there, the violator, if you will, will have the opportunity to have due process and a cause of action to challenge.

Carter suggested in his comments to the Louisiana Radio Network that the rules of red light cameras as they stand now favor local governments and the motorist has very little chance to plead his case in court.  He believes the addition of a sign or the lack of sign would change that for drivers across the state.

We’re asking that signs be placed and where signs are then, of course if you are in violation, you’re in violation, if there is no sign that’s there you have the opportunity to be heard.

It kind of makes it like an open book test. You know the answer before you head in to the intersection. If you're speeding or blow through a red light after being warned you deserve your ticket.

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