Those arrogant sons of a rather unpleasant word. Red light cameras, speed cameras, or speed vans and their use should not be left to the ignorant masses that are most affected by them. That's sarcasm by the way. I don't think you and I are ignorant, although some of the drivers on our roadways would qualify.

The House Transportation Committee decided by a vote of 14 for and one against to kill legislation that would leave the decision about the installation and use of these robot cameras in the hands of someone other than the voters.

Boo to you House Transportation Committee.

I don't mind the cameras personally. I drive the speed limit and when the light turns red I generally stop. I learned that in Driver's Education. I am special that way. Perhaps you are aware of those kinds of safe driving practices as well.

I know proponents of these devices say they are "for our safety". I say they are revenue generating devices much like a small town speed trap on a lonely stretch of highway.

Regardless, the issue isn't about whether the cameras are a good thing or a bad thing. The issue is that our legislators in the all-seeing and wise House Transporation Committee don't think that we the people are capable of making such a decision on the safety of the roadways in our own communities.

I think they are wrong.

Look, we have special elections for less important reasons like judges and tax increases. How about letting the people decide this one too? One representative from New Iberia suggested that the decision to install red light cameras be left to the local governments.

Hey, Asshat! We are the local government.

I wonder if we really dug deeply just how long it would take for the money trail from these out of state contractors who provide red light cameras to finally wind up in the House Transportation Committee. My guess is there won't be any red lights or speed limits along that path.

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